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How to Keep Seniors Active in Summer

The hot summer months can present a bit of a challenge for some older adults – it is important for seniors to stay active each day, but there are health risks associated with being too active in the high heat. To overcome this challenge, it helps to understand summer safety for seniors. Practicing summer safety for seniors includes following tips like these:

  1. Use eye protection, such as sunglasses
  2. Review medication for heat risks
  3. Reduce strenuous activities outdoors
  4. Wear light clothing
  5. Spend time outside during the early morning or late evening
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Use sun protection, such as sunscreen, large hats and long sleeves

It may sound like practicing summer safety for seniors is limiting, but these guidelines are important to keeping older adults safe in the heat. However, staying active is also a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle! So, is it possible to know how to keep seniors active in summer, while keeping them safe in the heat?

Why Is It Important for Seniors to Stay Active?

First, we should understand why it is important for seniors to stay active. An active lifestyle that includes regular exercise brings a variety of health benefits that even go beyond improving blood pressure and reducing the risk of diseases, such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Here are 10 ways an active lifestyle can help benefit seniors:

  1. Staying physically fit during your golden years helps reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and improve the immune system
  2. Exercise helps improve bone health 
  3. Exercise assists in managing body weight
  4. Building strength through exercise reduces fall risks 
  5. Staying active during the day helps promote healthy sleep at night
  6. Exercise raises energy levels
  7. Working out helps to build positive feelings and support mental health
  8. Staying active promotes cardiovascular health
  9. Aerobic exercise reduces hypertension
  10. Exercise can be a social outlet that improves social wellness 

So, if staying active is important for older adults, but the summer heat can be dangerous, what is the right thing to do? The answer is to find fun senior activities that are safe in the heat, but also help seniors stay engaged and active!

Summer Activities for Seniors

There are many summer activities for seniors that are both safe and fun! Here are some ideas on how to keep seniors active in summer:

  • Swimming and water aerobics are both great ways to get some exercise, while staying cool! These activities are also excellent options for seniors with arthritis or stiff joints.
  • Go on a picnic! Having a meal outdoors in the shade is a nice way to pass the time with family and friends. At Sugar Grove Senior Living, residents can enjoy time outside in the manicured gardens and dine on the patio.
  • Find some shade and go fishing. Fishing is a great way to get some exercise in the great outdoors, but staying in the shade and planning the trip for the early morning or late evening will be the safest.
  • Read a book indoors. Visiting a library, like the one at Sugar Grove, will ensure there are options for new books to read all summer long!
  • Take up a hobby. There are many indoor activities that can keep the mind and body busy. Sewing, playing music and painting are all creative outlets that can be done indoors.
  • Talk a walk. Walking is great exercise for seniors and can be a wonderful way to bond with friends, family members and pets. Sugar Grove welcomes small pets!
  • Gardening is a fun way to get some Vitamin D while getting your hands dirty. Wearing a large hat and long sleeves will help protect skin from the sun.

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