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How Does Assisted Living Work?

During the golden years of life, there are many choices to make. While these decisions may look different than the choices made during the teenage years or the years of raising a young family, this new set of choices is still important and meaningful.

For most Americans, the post-retirement years are particularly full of questions and new opportunities. When is it time to stop living on my own? What are assisted living communities? What does assisted living mean? How do I choose the right community? What does assisted living include? Having the answers to these questions can make the process of sorting through choices much less stressful and can take the pressure off seniors and their loved ones.

What is Assisted Living?

So, what is assisted living? Assisted living communities are designed for older adults who are no longer able to safely manage living completely independently and who may require some help with activities of daily living, such as dressing or bathing. However, individuals who move into assisted living do not require high levels of health care or nursing care; residents are able to maximize their independence, while enjoying the support of the assisted living services, which often include meals, laundry and housekeeping. Some of the noted mental, physical and emotional advantages of assisted living include:

  • Socialization. Assisted living offers a rich, social environment where residents can make friends, bond with peers and entertain their families.
  • Delicious meals. On-site meals offer assisted living residents an easy way to stay social, stay healthy and enjoy delicious local cuisine three times a day!
  • Safe transportation. Many assisted living communities either coordinate or provide transportation to community events, appointments and other outings for residents.
  • Focus on fun and fitness. From clubs and crafts to games and outings, senior living communities offer lots of ways to have fun. Many communities also offer fitness programs, physical therapy or strength training, while encouraging residents to stay active.
  • Peace of mind. While many residents in assisted living communities do not require constant medical attention, it gives residents peace of mind knowing they have the care and support of the community health care team ready and waiting!

How Does Assisted Living Work?

While all assisted living communities have their own programs, methods and cultures, there are some constants to how assisted living works. Here are answers to the most common questions about how assisted living works:

What is the average length of stay in assisted living?

According to the AARP, most residents stay in assisted living for two and half to three years. The most common reason for leaving assisted living communities is declining health and an increased need for daily care. 

What does assisted living provide?

Although amenities and services are different at each assisted living community, here are the most common services:

  • Support with the activities of daily living
  • On-site meals daily
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Medication management
  • Recreational activities
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Educational and spiritual activities

Can spouses live together in assisted living?

Most assisted living communities offer a variety of living spaces to accommodate different needs. Sugar Grove offers studio apartments, as well as one- and two-bedroom apartments to meets the needs of couples or singles!

Do assisted living communities allow pets?

Some assisted living communities allow pets; Sugar Grove recognizes the benefits to seniors of pet companionship and allows small pets.

When is it time for assisted living?

It is always best to begin discussing the option of assisted living before it is actually needed. Some assisted living communities have wait-lists, and no family enjoys making a difficult decision after an emotional situation, such as a fall or a long-term illness. Here are some signs it is time to begin the conversation about assisted living:

  • Accidents are occurring in the home, such as small fires or falls.
  • Household tasks and chores are becoming more difficult.
  • There are safety concerns.
  • There are concerns about nutrition, overall health, socialization and exercise.
  • Driving independently has become dangerous.
  • Toilet accidents have occurred.

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